I blog on The Essence of Water, with my comrades Peter, Mark and Matt. I’m simply using this page as an archive of my favourites texts. Hope you enjoy!

Entangled Agencies #1

How can artifact express the myriad of entangled agencies forming our universe? Given the quantity, diversity, and fluidity of connections between a seemingly infinite set of entities, processes, ideals and concepts, no single object can instantiate a phenomenon as complex as reality. At best, I can only evoke a constellation of simplified relationships between a subset of significant agents inter~intra~trans-acting within our shared fabric-of-existence. Yet, as the artwork titled ‘Entangled Agencies #1’, I attempt to show the complexity of the metaphysical. While I cannot pretend to re~present all agencies and their entanglements, I am nonetheless the externalization of a relational and…

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