Emergent Design

Core principle: let the wood participates how best to make its forms and features shine!

Thus, I create with the wood: not only with wood as my medium. Best practiced with partially processes leftovers and founds objects, I understand each piece as the embodiement of potential and constraints specific to its history as a material object. By not being ‘raw’, each piece is already in a particular state-of-becoming: indeed, its shape, width, breath, depth, type of material, texture and imperfections are givens. Yet, each piece has the potential to be shaped further (cut, drilled, routed, carved) in order to become a component in an assemblage. Such furniture’s aesthetic, style and characteristics are emergent properties of the components’ coming together in a particular design.

My work, as an emergent designer, is to appreciate differences, enhances the potential embedded in resources (often considered trash) and to create uniquely beautiful objects with which to live for years to come.